August 12, 2019

2018-19 Planfarm Benchmarks Report Released

WA Broadacre Farm Businesses in Strong Position after Incredible Season

For many WA broadacre farm businesses, 2018 was one of the most successful in recent memory. Driven by favourable production and high commodity prices, the average farm business generated an operating profit of $324/ha, and an average return on capital of 12.3%.

On the back of such a positive result, the average broadacre farm business ended 2018 with a stronger balance sheet, and an average equity percentage of 85%.

The excellent long-term profitability outlook has increased the confidence in the broadacre farming sector which is now in an incredibly strong position with high prices and profitability, coupled with increasing land values and low interest rates.

Planfarm Benchmarks is the leading annual report in WA outlining the financial and production performances of broadacre farms in the region and is derived from over 450 business across WA.





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