How do you ensure the best decisions are being made on the farm?

How do you empower and mentor the future generation of farmers?

Does everyone in the business feel they are getting their views heard?

Is communication a problem within your family/farm business?

If these questions are difficult for you to answer, or you haven't been able to address them, then maybe a change in structure could help your business both in the short and long term.  A Farm Advisory Board may be just what you need.

A small but growing number of farm businesses in Western Australia are adopting such boards as a means of improving communication, giving some structure to decision making processes, forcing themselves to think strategically, focusing on financial performance, building the knowledge and capacity of the next generation and for many taking the pressure off them as sole decision makers.

Contact the experts in this field from Planfarm who can guide you through a proven process and provide examples of how it has progressed many farming operations in Western Australia already.

For further information and to help you partner with the most appropriate Planfarm consultant to guide your business through this journey contact Cameron Weeks on (08) 9284 1044.