Planfarm Academy

Bundles & Single Modules

Anyone in the Agricultural Industry who wants to get a greater handle on the Business of Farming or an Agronomic understanding of Farming can participate in this great, easy online learning opportunity.

Planfarm Academy

Bundles & Single Modules

KOBIE, SARAH AND ARCHIE WARD | Pictured on the Ward family farm, ‘Harwood’, located in Wagin. The Ward family partnered with Planfarm in the early 1990s.

Introducing Bundles & Single Modules

Do you want to do one particular module to sharpen up on one area, multiple modules (called a bundle) for a good background in a particular area of Business or Agronomy?

ALL the modules from both the Business of Farming and the Agronomy of Farming are available to purchase individually. In addition to this, we have grouped together modules that are compatible to give you a module on a particular topic.

You can now pick and choose what you want!

Bundles & Single Modules now available

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