About Us

Our Purpose

Richard Brown, Oliver, Riley and Britt

Pictured on the Redlands farm near Dandaragan

About Us

Our Purpose

RICHARD BROWN, OLIVER, RILEY AND BRITT | Pictured on the Redlands farm near Dandaragan

We strive to make a difference to our clients, our team and our industry because we genuinely care and enjoy what we do.


We call it as we see it.


We call it by imagining we were in your shoes.


Advice provided is never compromised by a third party.


Always striving to be well informed.


Courteous, thorough, prepared and prompt.

Pictured on the Redlands farm near Dandaragan.

Free Module: Family Business Management

Sample the Business of Farming course, with Cameron Weeks on the subject of family business management.

Learn the Business of Farming

Are you a farmer looking to gain better control of your farm's financial aspects for a smoother, more profitable operation? Our Business of Farming Program is tailored to meet your needs. Join now and take charge of your farm's financial health.

Enhance Your Agronomy Skills

If you're a farmer aiming to elevate your agronomy skills without returning to university, our Agronomy of Farming Program could be the answer. Learn from experienced agronomists, improve your decision-making in the field, and confidently engage with peers in agronomic discussions.

Our Services

Farm Business Consulting

Essentially, we put our 46 years in the business of farming, into your farm business.

Grain Marketing

Grain Marketing goes a long way to justifying our slogan, ‘Partner with Planfarm’.


If you’re a farmer or farming business looking to partner with an Agronomist, the key word to consider here is ‘independent’.


Planfarm’s consulting arm to Horticulture provides farmers and farm businesses with unprecedented access to professional support and data.

Additional Resources

Planfarm offer a number of helpful resources for use by the farming community.

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