Farm Business Consulting


At Planfarm, our knowledge of what happens behind the farm gate is applied to what happens beyond it.

Farm Business Consulting


Our team of experts delivers unparalleled and independent advice and services to ensure the success of our clients in the thriving horticultural industry.

The Lee Family

Unlock your competitive edge with the expertise, passion, experience, and knowledge of our team.

Our team’s passion for farm systems and the people who manage them is truly inspiring. We’re here to help you achieve your goals, no matter if you’re a small family-owned farming enterprise, an intergenerational multi-farm operation, or a corporate agribusiness.


Farm business consulting is a highly specialised and unique service that is relatively new to horticulture. The point of difference is that it matches up production and production measures with the financial metrics and reviews how every dollar spent on production is turned into income and profit. The consultant provides a fresh set of eyes over your production and financial figures which can highlight areas of risk and also where the potential lies to improve your business performance. The service complements that of an accountant, agronomist or bank and pulls it all together to build stronger and better performing businesses.


The world outside our farm gate is increasingly more important. Australian farming practices are rooted in family values and sustainability, resulting in exceptional food that is increasingly rare in the world today. At Planfarm, our knowledge of what happens behind the farm gate is applied to what happens beyond it.  This capability allows us to provide critical insights to the people and businesses who connect along the supply chain, creating responsive and flexible value chains and deepening the relationships of everyone in them.

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Farm Business Consulting

Essentially, we put our 46 years in the business of farming, into your farm business.

Grain Marketing

Grain Marketing goes a long way to justifying our slogan, ‘Partner with Planfarm’.


If you’re a farmer or farming business looking to partner with an Agronomist, the key word to consider here is ‘independent’.


Planfarm’s consulting arm to Horticulture provides farmers and farm businesses with unprecedented access to professional support and data.

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Planfarm offer a number of helpful resources for use by the farming community.