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The Planfarm Story

Steve, James and Matt Couper
with Planfarm Consultant Glen Brayshaw

Pictured on the Couper family farm, ‘Couper Brothers’, located in Dowerin. The Couper family partnered with Planfarm in 2013.

About Us

The Planfarm Story


Pictured on the Couper family farm, ‘Couper Brothers’, located in Dowerin. The Couper family partnered with Planfarm in 2013.

In WA’s Wheatbelt c.1974, three wise New Zealanders banded together with the beginnings of a plan.

It was to elevate modern farming and business management skills within the state’s agricultural sector. Working with various community groups and having the support of the University of Western Australia (UWA), founders Ken Boughton, Peter Falconer and John Abbie initially focused on farm budgeting and the introduction of improved crop and livestock husbandry, each with the aim of improving profitability. Long story short, they were highly successful, the sector liked what it saw and, as we do in agriculture, shared stories.

Peter Falconer & John Abbie

PETER FALCONER AND JOHN ABBIE | Two of the three original Planfarm founders.

In 1974, three visionary New Zealanders joined forces in WA’s Wheatbelt to enhance farming and business management skills. Today, Planfarm collaborates with over 500 top-tier farm businesses, offering expertise in areas like consulting, agronomy, and financial consultancy. Our adaptability in dynamic markets is unmatched in Australia. Major banks and industry bodies trust us for performance improvement. Our core values remain: deliver value, excel in everything, be responsible agricultural citizens, and love what we do. Partner with Planfarm to elevate your farming endeavors.

Today, still working to a plan, we work with more than 500 farm businesses, many of whom are Australia’s very best and each on a professional journey of continuous and collaborative improvement. Our services, like our team and client base, have grown to cover most specialist industry areas, including farm business consulting, agronomy, grain marketing and full-scope investment and financial consultancy. Planfarm’s level of corporate and on-farm sophistication, and our ability to quickly and competently adapt to ever-moving market environments is unparalleled, anywhere in Australia.

Many of the country’s major banks continue to refer their customers to Planfarm to assist in lifting their performance, and over the years we have carried out work for industry bodies such as the Grains Research and Development Corporation, Meat and Livestock Australia, the Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development, UWA and CSIRO. Whilst our corporate footprint continues to expand throughout Australia, our plan hasn’t changed dramatically from its origins back in 1974.

Deliver value to clients, be at the forefront of everything we do, be good agricultural citizens and most importantly, love what we do.

Free Module: Family Business Management

Sample the Business of Farming course, with Cameron Weeks on the subject of family business management.

Learn the Business of Farming

Are you a farmer looking to gain better control of your farm's financial aspects for a smoother, more profitable operation? Our Business of Farming Program is tailored to meet your needs. Join now and take charge of your farm's financial health.

Enhance Your Agronomy Skills

If you're a farmer aiming to elevate your agronomy skills without returning to university, our Agronomy of Farming Program could be the answer. Learn from experienced agronomists, improve your decision-making in the field, and confidently engage with peers in agronomic discussions.

Our Services

Farm Business Consulting

Essentially, we put our 46 years in the business of farming, into your farm business.

Grain Marketing

Grain Marketing goes a long way to justifying our slogan, ‘Partner with Planfarm’.


If you’re a farmer or farming business looking to partner with an Agronomist, the key word to consider here is ‘independent’.


Planfarm’s consulting arm to Horticulture provides farmers and farm businesses with unprecedented access to professional support and data.

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Planfarm offer a number of helpful resources for use by the farming community.

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