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Landline March 2024

In this issue: Page 1: Farmers you need to manage not just hope! Page 3: The bears have come out of hibernation in the grain market. Page 4: Help me if you can, I’m feeling down. Page 6: Nuffield Scholarship Luncheon Page 7: Navigating the Path to Resilient Horticulture: Embracing Sustainability for a Secure Future Page 8: Barley There: The Brew-tiful Dilemma of Chasing Malt Document Search …

Landline February 2024

In this issue: Page 1: Time to regroup. Page 3: Insights that sow success: How operating efficiency targets differ between agricultural industries. Page 5: What are our plans for high school education? Page 6: Someday – This will all be yours. Page 8: Happiest of New 2024 – a fresh start! Page 10: 2024 budgets and the Below the line expenses. Page 11: Bookkeeping made …

Landline December 2023

In this issue: Page 1: Taking stock, planning ahead, and making the most of your annual review. Page 3: Machinery solutions – with a twist! Page 4: This is always an opportune time to assess Page 6: Navigating Grain Markets from AWB Basis Pool to Global Strategies Page 7: Temporary Full Expensing, Instant Asset Write-Offs and the COVID Hangover Page 9: Timing is everything… a carbon farming story Page 12: Soil Sampling & Testing Guide …

Landline November 2023

In this issue: Page 1: Farm succession – keys to success and an alternative to the norm. Page 4: Land Chess with Bigwigs, Legal-eagles, and Beancounters. Page 6: Comparing apples with apples in national vegetable benchmarks. Page 7: Making sense of new CBH harvest grades. Page 10: Chemical carry over – friend or …

Landline October 2023

In this issue: Page 1: When it doesn’t rain, and income is low inflation means potential losses are large! Page 2: Reflections Page 4: How many $ are you losing from seeding late? Page 6: Fertiliser prices returning to normal – sort of! Page 7: Should you be ticking the ISCC …

September Landline 2023

Planfarm Benchmarks – Season 2022 The Planfarm Benchmarks is the industry recognised leading annual report on the financial and production performance of broadacre farm businesses throughout Western Australia. 2022 was a record breaking year for WA broadacre agriculture. High water use efficiency resulted in record yields, which when combined with strong grain prices saw the average business generate an incredible level of farm income and …

Landline August 2023

In this issue: Page 1: Wind turbines on farms and optimizing the opportunity. Page 2: Thumbs Up Page 4: Camera’s on your next boomspray? Page 6: Growing lupins is a lot like flossing your teeth Page 9: Is the wolf already at the …

Landline July 2023

In this issue: Page 1: It’s a mixed bag so far this season so take your own circumstances into account when estimating likely crop yields. Page 2: Cyber Risks for our Clients Page 5: Managing RedLegged Earth Mite Insecticide Resistance Page 6: Sheep Prices – The Perfect Storm Page 8: A 2023 milestone – 100,000 ha of potential carbon farming project land assessed Page 11: We are all in the Agricultural game. What can be …

Landline June 2023

In this issue: Page 1: Championship Hot Air Balloon Flying – Any Agricultural related similarities? Page 3: Comparison is the thief of joy Page 5: WA Flock Sheep eID Requirements – Are you thinking ahead Page 7: The Basis for …

Landline May 2023

In this issue: Page 1: The season and outlook Page 3: Early start! Let’s not get too excited! Frost Planning 2023 Page 5: Farmers Terms of Trade Page 7: Glyphosate is now our biggest resistance issue Page 8: 10 Years of Bunge in …

Landline April 2023

In this issue: Page 1: So, who’s powering agriculture? Page 2: Professional Development – it isn’t just about learning Page 3: Mixed emotions across the board for Victorian croppers! Page 5: Planfarm helping foster Youth in Agriculture Page 7: Containerised grain exporters feeling the …

Landline March 2023

In this issue: Page 1: Annual review season summary Page 3: Wheat Powdery Mildew- what did we learn last year? Page 5: Noticed Your Grocery Bill Lately? Page 6: Is equipment finance still the obvious and best way to fund the purchase of farm equipment? Page 7: 12 months of …

Landline February 2023

In this issue: Page 1: Farmers are commonly now seriously wealthy – so what does this mean? Page 2: Lupin V Canola in 2023 Page 4: Planfarm history correction Page 5: Can we use Gypsum as a Supply of Sulphur? Page 6: CBH Pools in Reveiw Page 8: Emissions, Carbon, ACCU’s and …

Landline December 2022

In this issue: Page 1: The Planfarm undergraduate program, a new meeting booking system and upcoming annual reviews. Page 3: Blinded by the light. Page 4: Falling Numbers Page 6: Monetizing Machinery Decisions Page 9: Exciting Times for Planfarm …

Landline November 2022

In this issue: Page 1: Planfarm is 60 – well when you trace our history back to the beginning we are! Page 2: Playing CBH Grain Roulette Page 4: Will total harvest bans be more common this harvest? Page 5: Foliar Nutrition and Application Page 6: 2022/23 Annual Review …

Landline October 2022

In this issue: Planfarm Benchmarks 2021 …

Landline September 2022

In this issue: Page 1: Our first person based outside of WA – Dan Toohey in Ballarat Page 2: The mid-west of WA through the eyes of a boy from Ballarat Page 4: Canola Page 6: Are you carbon ready? Page 8: The highs… Page 9: How much are you prepared to pay for …

Landline August 2022

In this issue: Page 1: What should you be doing when you have no idea what will happen next? I know – be careful! Page 2: Plan your new machinery with rigour! Page 4: Powdery Mildew in wheat – the only disease that thrives in dry conditions. Page 5: Does your livestock system need a wolf? Page 6: AGIC 2022 – Growing with …

Landline July 2022

In this issue: Page 1: Farming successfully in a family partnership Page 2: Getting the best bang for your buck from the bank – Part 2 Page 5: Putting the fun in fungicides Page 8: Crop insurance premiums are on the rise! Page 10: Capacity Is King (And Probably Will Be …

Landline June 2022

In this issue: Page 1: Phew! The season is away, and the outlook is very good. Page 2: Comparing Apples with Apples Page 4: Sand Dunes Page 6: Getting the best bang for your buck from the bank – Part …

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